About Us
Wingo?Star?electric?motor?Manufacturer?was?founded?in?1958.?Our?factory?covers?an?area?more?than?260,Website:http://www.wingostarmotors.com,000?square?meters,?to?be?the?biggest?in?north?China.?We?are?specializing?in?various?series?from?low?voltage (like three phase Y, Y2, YR, YE2, YE3, YVF, JR, YS, MS, YEJ, YCT and YZR series and single phase YL, YC, YY, ML, MC, MY and YB3 explosion proof motors)?to?high?voltage?(like Y, YR, JR, YKK, YRKK and YKS series)?electric?motors and explosion proof motors with?high?efficiency?and?energy?saving, economization on power and material consumption. Besides, we also do OEM?to meet their diversified and personalized needs. As a national key project, Wingo Star is committed to the quality of the products and service to satisfy the customers? demands. We also achieve the ISO9001 certificate and SABS certificate. Meanwhile, the products win favor of overseas customers. Welcome to visit our manufacturer, welcome to the Motor World!
Products and services
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